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A game-changer


Sue's 'Relational Needs' Framework has been a game-changer for me! To be able to see a whole range of needs/ways of relating written down felt permissive, liberating, and expansive. I was able to connect with all different parts of myself with compassion and feel into which needs are the most important for my sustainable health and happiness.

Such a different way of operating!


The framework is invaluable, and getting to see it practised by Sue and the crew was awesome. I have shared it with friends. I am planning on doing it with one of my good friends next week and hopefully others to follow. I would love to see a practice group for those of us doing it too. This is such a different way of operating. I could use the encouragement. I highly recommend working through this material!

It is transformational


The Relationship Needs Blueprint course and framework has helped me to gain clarity around my own needs and feel a deep permission and compassion for all of them. For the first time I have the language to begin expressing my needs in my relationships and experience being heard. It is transformational!

Sensitivity and passion


Sue has a very warm and open presence. They guided the course with clarity, sensitivity and a lot of passion for this work.

Highly recommend this course


I loved learning about the Relational Needs Framework and I really enjoy Sue's teaching style and energy. Highly recommend this course.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Hello and welcome

    • Course Structure and Content

    • Welcome to this self-study course to Discover Your Relationship Needs Blueprint

  • 2

    Class 1 - Introducing the Relational Needs Framework

    • Class 1 - What to expect and what to bring?

    • Class 1 - The Icebreaker

    • Class 1 - What traits do you value in relationships and what makes relationships difficult for you?

    • Class 1 - The Relationship Escalator

    • The Relationship Escalator - more information

    • Class 1 - The Relationship Anarchy Smorgasbord

    • The Relationship Anarchy Smorgasbord - more information

    • Blank 5x5 Relational Needs Framework

    • Class 1 - 5x5 Relational Needs Framework